52 First Dates – Dealing with the Two L’s

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

Today, I said it. I said something that I daren’t think possible when 52 First Dates began. I told Mr T I loved him.

We’ve been circumnavigating around the issue recently with a lot of ‘I miss you a lot’, ‘I wuv you’ (please don’t judge me – we all know that in the privacy of txts adult language turns to dirt and mush).  The thing is, with a Long distance relationship, the Love word is very easy to throw around. In fact, the word is easily thrown around in whatever relationship you’re in and it can quickly become a term with no real meaning. But, with the distance of 6,000 miles, a face to face ‘I Love You’ isn’t that possible. Plus, I’d been a bitch on the phone last night and spent the twilight hours worrying if he really, actually, knew how much he means to me. So, I said it, I meant it, and life is a whole fracking lot better now it’s been said.

I can’t quite believe that I found love due to 52FirstDates. Nor can I believe that it happened so quickly; Date #10 after all. Nor can I believe that I’ve fallen in love with a man who lives 6,000 miles away. I’ll say that again – 6,000 MILES! Claire is now on Date #31. To be honest, I think you might have found me hanging by a noose if I was on level pegging.

Long distance relationships and love is a complicated affair, but whilst I was adamently against it at first, it’s actually worked in our favour. We are thrilled to talk to each other, excited to plan our next trip, relieved that in our current state there’s no way to take each other for granted. Ok, the physical issue is enough to drive ones horn to a permanent erection, but with the blessed iPhone, Toronto is just a phonecall away. Apple has pretty much solved by dating disaster.

However, the word love is a certain milestone within a relationship, and now it’s been said, what next? Milestone One; You start dating. Milestone Two; You say Love. Milestone Three; You Move in? You Get Married? I do know that for a long distance relationship to progress, something has to change so that its no longer a long distance relationship. But, whatever happens, I set out on 52FirstDates to find a husband.  And, now it seems, I might have only gone and bloody well found one!


6 responses to “52 First Dates – Dealing with the Two L’s

  1. Love and Long Distance is actually sustainable, I may only be 160 miles from my other half but we’ve been doing it for 10 years. Sometimes we only manage to see each other two weekends a month due to work and finances but it just makes it more special when we do.

    I won’t pretend it’s hasn’t had it’s moments, 2010 was an interesting year, but it’s actually just made our relationship stronger now I’ve had my funny 5 minutes.

    Very happy that it’s now happened for you, even if that means you may potentially be moving 6,000 miles away at some point – even before we’ve had our Potter geek chat!

  2. Yes congratulations!

    Distance is hard, but it can work. I don’t know how you’d go on if you wanted to move in together or get married? I guess you could be married and live separately. But in terms of moving in together he’d have to come to you or you’d have to go to him. And although you may love one another – it will mean one of you leaving family, friends, work and generally their life to move to the 6, 000 miles.

    Big hugs,

    A x

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