52 First Dates – A Fairytale Ending

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

For anyone’s whose even remotely followed 52 First Dates, you’ll know that I was a perpetual hermit who, upon moving into my 30s, decided to start looking for a husband. I’d sat back for so many years thinking ‘they’ll come along when I least expect it‘. Of course, that is a complete lie, and after a decade of singledom, I decided that enough was enough.

So, I embarked on 52 First Dates; a quest to go on one date per week for a year maximum until I found the one. It’s all about numbers, you see. I mean, how can you expect to meet your soulmate if you only go on a few dates every year? You have to either be extremely lucky, happy with staying single, or – in the worst scenario – you have to settle. Now, I don’t agree in settling one bit, so surely, 52 men would be enough to find the one?!

As luck would have it, Date #10 (aptly named Mr Toronto as he flew from Canada for a date) was the one. We’re now coming up on our two year anniversary and I have news – we’re getting hitched!! Next May, 2014, my 52 First Dates saga will come to the ultimate end – marriage. I went out with one clear goal; to find a husband. And I have!

So folks, if I can do it, you can! Get out there, meet as many people as you can and one day, that soulmate will pop into your life and change it for the better, forever.


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