A new look at Elder Scrolls Online

I’m highly anticipating Elder Scrolls Online, and this week Elder Scrolls Weekly have offered some great updated information on this epic new game. Though they’ve shifted the release date (boooo) I’m still excited, and let’s be honest, it’s better to have a later release and less bugs than a game such as Defiance which is riddled with errors. I’ve posted the video below, but for those who just want a quick overview, then I’ve outlined some of things talked about.

PLUS – if you want to watch some live streaming, then Elder Scrolls Online will be available to watch from QuakeCon TODAY.  Just head to http://twitch.tv/bethesda  and watch the game-play from 17:30 GMT or 18:30 WEST.


I LOVE beautiful scenery, and it’s one of the reasons that I stayed in SWG for so long….Naboo, Corellia, even Tatooine, were beautifully sculpted and realistic worlds to explore. Unfortunately, I hate the stylized worlds so common now, and its put me off getting into games such as STWOR. However, Bethesda have been true to previous games, such as Skyrim, and you can expect some truly stunning landscapes in ESO. I really think that I’ll spend a lot of time exploring the lands they’ve created and questing as I go, rather than simply rushing through each region just to get levelling up out of the way.

NPCs and Quest Givers

One of the things that really seems impressive is the amount of detail and variation given to NPCs. ESO will have fully voiced NPCs which, like SWTOR, helps to fully immerse you into the world. However, one of the most annoying things about the Star Wars game is that all the NPCs look alike. There was no great diversity between characters in the slightest. Not so in ESO, where everything possible has been done to ensure that each personality has their own look and doesn’t come as a carbon copy of someone else. Along with voice acting, this should go a long way to help immersion. And, though many of the Skyrim actors have been used to voice this new world, it’ll offer nostalgia for lovers of this series.

Character Creation

One of the most exciting things mentioned that ESO’s character creation has the possibility of being the best ever character creation for MMO’s ever. Firstly, because of the megaserver aspect, Bethesda have brought in surname options so that there can be multiple names with different surnames. Instead of 10 set body types, there are sliders to changes aspects such as chest, ankle, posterior and height. For the latter, there are some restrictions simply to keep species lore in check. When it comes to faces and heads, there’s a HUGE number of options with individual features, such as mouths and eyes, allowing a huge amount of customisation. This is one of the aspects I like most because there’s nothing worse than having  a MMO server full of people who look exactly the same. I don’t want to look like my in-game friends. I want to look unique and like my own person…especially as I’m a big role player.

So, there you have it – all the latest details on ESO. I can’t wait to watch the live streaming later today. I’ll keep my fingers ever crossed that I get a Beta invite soon!

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