Horror icon in for American Horror Season 3

Okay, this could be pretty epic; Kathy Bates has been confirmed as a leading star in American Horror Story: Coven. With her role in Misery still fresh in everyone’s minds…even after all this time…..Bates facing off against Lange is going to be quite a compelling ride.

american-horror-story-season-1-sezonul-1-original-posterSeason 3 is expected, unsurprisingly given its name, Β to revolve around witches. I’ve got to say; I LOVE the American Horror Story concept. Instead of rolling one season into the next, the anthology approach allows the producers to avoid the pitfalls of losing the plot aka Desperate Housewives style. DHW, along with others such as Lost, started out well, disintegrated in the middle and then were brought back from the brink when an end was in sight. With the one season story-arc approach American Horror Story, everything can be resolved and tied off into a neat little package. That said, I far preferred season 1 than Asylum. Whilst the ghost storyline of the first series completely gripped me, Asylum was so full of meandering story-arcs that I got a bit lost. There were a lot of acting favourites and some awesome scenes, but I felt as if it could have given more. Don’t get me wrong; I still religiously tuned in every week, but the setting and ongoing darkness of the series didn’t hook me as much.

So, what do we have in American Horror Story: Coven? Firstly, Lange and Bates going at it. Yep, I’m expecting to see these two actresses in starring witch roles and fighting back and forth to the death. We’ve got a lot of stars coming back too. Francis Conroy (my Six Feet favourite), Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson and Naomi Grossman (Pepper) will be back. You probably won’t recognise Grossman though after her season 2 make-up – look her up on IMDB, it’s quite astonishing! – Pepper vs Grossman – It’s also good news to hear that Taissa Farmiga (season 1’s Violet) is back on the scene too.

There’s a little while to wait for season 3 as it’s set to film this summer, so won’t air until autumn. But you know what that means….more time for juicy gossip.