My five favourite Game of Thrones characters

Isn’t the whole world obsessed with Game of Thrones? And, if they’re not, shouldn’t they be? Now that season 3 is on our screens, I’m wishing the week away just so that I can get some action on a Monday morning (America airs it on Sunday night, so I have to wait until the morning to stream it). I may be wishing for the weather to warm up here, but those wondrous words, Winter is Coming, fill my ears whenever I think of Game of Thrones. And what a winter it’s going to be!

It has to be said, that the extensive cast list in Game of Thrones (and wait till you read the books) can get pretty confusing. There’s A LOT of people, all of who seem to have similar names, similar faces and have, at one time or another, intermingled with the bloodlines of other families. If you don’t keep your wits about you, a few episodes can pass when you don’t know who’s who at all. However, there are a few stand out characters, and these are my favourite five.



1. Daenerys Targaryen

Okay, yes, I chose the blonde little cute girl. But she ain’t just a pretty little thing with nothing about her. This girl was married out by her brother to a notorious and vicious villain when she was just a young woman (in the book she’s only 13). She’s raped by her new husband, only to then fall in love with him and watch him die, before conjuring his spirit back with magic. Her father was murdered, she had to flee for her life, she’s had attempts upon her own life, and now she’s gathering an army. This is a woman scorned; a woman who can walk into the middle of a raging fire and appear unharmed. She’s naive and too trustworthy by half, but with Ser Jorah Mormont by her side, she’s learning. Plus, she has dragons, so who cares about the rest.


520181-tyrion_lannister2. Tyrion Lannister

Isn’t Peter Dinklage everyone’s favourite? Surely he HAS to be. He’s an ale swilling, whore ravishing, shit stirring little dwarf who’s hated by his entire family. God knows why it worries him so much; his father is an arrogant bastard with a chip on his shoulder and his twin brother and sister like nothing more than to make babies – and kings – together. But of late, we’ve seen him fall in love, defend Kings Landing from attack and practically plead for his father’s attention. He’s no fan of the King, either, so he’s on the right side.


300_No_he_will_remain_on_the_throne_in_season_3c0713. Joffrey Baratheon

Oh, Joffrey, you’re a right little shit. But every show needs a little shit, right? Can you imagine Game of Thrones without him? How dull. Joffrey, the result of an incestuous relationship between his mother and his uncle, is a snivelling coward with a penchant for causing as much misery, pain and suffering as possible just for his own entertainment. Worse, we all know he’s not even the rightful King. Nobody dares to say a word against him because he’ll chop off their heads in an instant – actually, no, correction, he’ll get one of his guards to do it. But wait for his downfall…one day it will happen and it’ll be cause for a street party.

Just for your entertainment…here’s 10 minutes of Joffrey being slapped. 😉


Margaery Tyrell4. Margaery Tyrell

I love Margaery. She’s been a background character for a while, and has only really come into the picture now that she’s to marry Joffrey. She’s kind, intelligent and has her wits about her. She does her duty; even if it is to try and give an heir to her former gay husband. Now that he’s dead, she’s betrothed to Joffrey, and she’s changed her entire character to keep herself from harm. Oh, she’s canny, but she’s caring and loyal too.


Episode7_85. Jon Snow

He was born a bastard, he was brought up a bastard, and even though he went to join the Night’s Watch, he was never allowed to forget that he was a Stark bastard. Poor ‘ol Jon Snow. I’ll admit, his character can be a little snivelling at times, but come on, he’s had a tough time. Now he’s gone over the wall, he’s changed allegiances to fight against the oncoming White Walkers and the impending evil. Through his eyes we get to see the real battle that’s looming. Plus, he ain’t bad to look at either and he’s got a good wardrobe!