52 First Dates – The Concept


52 First Dates is now complete, even if I did only go on 10 dates. I met Mr Right, and will still be updating occasionally about how we’re getting on. To read all the 52 Dates Posts, click on the banner below*

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The premise behind this concept is easy; go on a date, every week, to find a husband. There is no rest allowed until a year has passed (unless of course I find the one) at which time, I’m afraid to say, if no husband has been found we may as well just kill ourselves.

Ex colleague, twitterer and friend C T S has long been trying to find the perfect man but, upon signing up for online dating, found it no easy task. Internet Berating was spawned from the thank-less task of going through horrendous emails day after day from guys who were pretty much the pits. Meanwhile, whilst the modern day digital empire has opened up the world of guys pretty easily for me, trying to get anything more than a hookup has become a nightmare. NSA, open relationships, discreet fun are all the rage, but what about long term relationships, traditional monogamy and enjoying company in public with friends and family?

So, the 52 First Dates Concept has begun. Each week C T S and I will go on at least one date, open minded, looking for love and up for the challenge. We will blog and tweet weekly (use the #52firstdates hash to find us) upon our successes and failures. I’m not going to lie, I hope this concept is short lived because it’ll actually mean that love has popped into our lives. But it’s never easy so I don’t doubt that it’ll be going for at least a few months.

You can find my 52 First Dates strand here on the Modern Hermit and Claire’s at 52 First Dates. The rules are as follow, let the challenge begin!

1. A first date must be had, EVERY week.

2. A hookup is NOT a date, nor is ‘inviting a guy round for a chat with alterior motive’ otherwise this challenge would just be slutty.

3. Second and Third dates are allowed, but we MUST continue First dates unless there is something really special. In this case 52 First Dates is deemed a success, aka, I find a relationship.

4. More than one date a week can be had, but this does not roll onto the following week.

5. Each date must be blogged.


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