New Riddick

Oh, how I long for September 6th. No, not for my mum’s birthday, but for Riddick to leap back onto our screens. It’s been TOO long since the last time we saw this anti-hero on the big screen, but it’s definitely worth the wait. I’m ALL for delaying films until there’s a decent script and production crew to create something special. It beats churning out below average films on a consistent basis just to make a buck.

A new trailer for Riddick has emerged online, and it’s looking EPIC. A lot of the montage is previous footage already seen, but there’s some cool new monster footage in there too. I’m glad that they’ve stepped away from The Chronicles of Riddick – I was never quite sure where’d they’d have gone from our hero becoming head of the necromancers. It seems he’s back on his own, cast off in a inhospitable world and being tracked, once again, by bounty hunters.  The setting looks great, Vin looks buff, the monsters look cool and Katee Sackoff’s got a role – though I hope her actual movie time is more than that of the trailer because it seems by favourite Battlestar Galactica gal is rather pushed to the back of the cast list.


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