Season 8 will be Dexter’s last

There’s been seven seasons of plastic wrapping, parcel tape, glass slides and a final stab to the heart, but it’s now been confirmed, Dexter, Season 8, will be the last. *SOB* I have loved this season from start to finish, and there have been some epic seasons….the presence of Jaime Murray (Lila) and Julia Stiles (Lumen) being  notable. But, even with these guest appearances, the core characters of serial killer Morgan, potty-mouthed Deb, fame hunter LaGuerta and side-kick Batista have been the real diamonds here. None of them have failed to intrigue me, and as Dexter’s world has unravelled from one season to the next, the team have been on hand to ask probing questions, second guess and cause problems for our favourite killer.

I suppose it was inevitable after Deb found out, that the end of Dexter’s world as he knew it was going to soon come to an end. And then, with the ending events of season 7, it’s difficult to see just how the Morgan’s will be able to slip the noose with this one. The one thing I hope THEY DON’T do is feel the need for moral justification and end up having Dexter caught and put on death row. Not that I think that’ll happen; I’m sure they’ll have a far more interesting and twisted end to the story.

The first final season teaser has now been officially released. Here’s hoping the epic series goes out with more kills than Debra can throw a mouthful of ‘fucks’ at.