The Hobbit – Behind the scenes, video nine

I don’t know about you, but I’ve LOVED Peter Jackon’s ‘Behind the Scenes‘ video series for The Hobbit. Even though the film (I should say FILMS) has taken forever to come, the production blogs have offered a fun and tongue-in-cheek way of giving us Hobbit fans some awesome movie clips. We’ve seen dwarves bobbing down a river in barrels, viewed New Zealand’s stunning landscapes and been thrilled by some fantastic green screen action. There’s even be sight of Mr Bloom himself, despite Legolas not actually being in The Hobbit novel.

Even though The Hobbit is only weeks away from being released, the team as still frantically working in post-production, and are set to continue bustling around until just two days before the premier. In this latest video we discover all about the Department of Internal Beard Hairs, how incredible complex The Hobbit’s soundtrack is, the amazing speed at which work has to be turned around and how the concept artists are still working day and night “conceptualising, even though we’ve been here three years“.