New ‘Thor’ Poster

I think I must’ve missed the bell when it was rung for The Avengers. I know that a lot of people go completely gaga over these characters. However, I have to admit it, when I saw Avengers Assemble I was completely in the dark about the story, the characters – basically, EVERYTHING. I’d seen ‘Iron Man‘, heard of the ‘Captain America‘ film, but really didn’t have a clue who anyone else was. When a long haired man with a giant hammer fell from the sky I was more like ‘WTF, how ridiculous‘, than ‘OMG, it’s Thor!‘ I left the cinema more confused than awed, and found myself wishing I’d bothered to watch all previous movies before I’d gone to see AA.

It has to be said that Chris Hemsworth is FIT. Clean cut – hot. Beefed up, hairy and beardy – FIT AS F*?! Still, I had no great desire to go and see Thor – The Dark World until I saw THIS (see below) poster. Umm, Natalie Portman’s in it?! Bloody wowzers. Not only do I love Portman, but in this image she is HAWT.

Image thanks to

Image thanks to

Thor’s coming to our screens on October 30th, and though I’d never wanted to see it before, Portman’s inclusion might’ve just made me a fan.


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