The Modern Me

The hard part is resigning yourself to the fact that you’re not the raving, glam, all-about-town boy you always aspired too. Once that’s out of the way, you can revel in the lack of need for social interaction, enjoy the days needed to recoup after frollicking parties, not from hangovers and body aches, but from social saturation. Whilst social butterflies flit from one hedonistic place to the next, I’m quite content with me and myself, drifting into strange dreamlike visions, entertaining myself with sporadic dancing around the house, and ruminating with a small, close and hippyish colony.

Currently freelancing as both a writer and gardening professional/camera crew in the media world, I’m a bit of an all rounder . Beginning “The Guide to Gay Gardening” as a creative outlet for my work on my own garden, my allotment and my clients bit of London green I soon fell for the blogging niche, and let my ramblings spill.

In addition to this, and the garden blog, I write for commerical clients, ghostwrite a number of news blogs and am working on my debut novel.

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