New Startrek Into Darkness trailer

Oh, May 8th is getting SO close and I’m becoming SO excited. The Star Trek crew are ramping up the excitement with the release of this latest trailer and – oh my gawd – does it look good!


Star Trek – Into Darkness – TRAILER

Turn down the lights, folks. Put YouTube onto full screen and prepare yourselves….the Star Trek – Into Darkness teaser trailer has arrived. It looks pretty epic, huge amounts of stunning CGI, gorgeous cinematography and action packed adventure that we all loved in the first Star Trek re-boot.


Star Trek – Into Darkness poster reveal

Star Trek - Into Darkness

What do we think?

I honestly don’t think this is a great poster for the Star Trek brand. It looks like it could be a cool movie, a post apocalyptic film with Jack Harkness starring as the lead character. A Star Trek film? Not so much.

I know this is only the first teaser, and it even has the Gherkin and the London Eye in the backdrop, but it’s not exactly original. However, it DOES come out just over a week before my birthday. I’m feeling a Klingon and costume party coming on…..