What’s in store for Mass Effect 4


Okay, it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with the Mass Effect trilogy – in my eyes, they’re one of the most successful science fiction creations of all time. I’m currently re-playing Mass Effect 3 for the third time as I managed to miss loads of people and areas from the first play-through’s as I was so desperate to get to the finish and progress the story. Kelly got shot in the head, Grissom Academy was destroyed, I never even saw Thane or Kasumi, and I balls’d up and accidentally rejected Kaiden from joining my crew.

With the trilogy over, I was desperate to know about the future of this galactic series. There have been rumours of a movie, comics and books have already launched, I’m waiting to get my Tali’Zorah vas Normandy figure (I have Garrus). Bioware have revealed that Mass Effect 4 is happening, but have been quick to dismiss speculation that it’ll appear on the gaming shelves in 2014. In my personal opinion, this does seem a little too soon to be bringing out the next ME game, even if it was released in the last quarter. So I think we should be expecting an early 2015 release to allow the team to create the best possible game.

But, what can we expect?


The Bioware team have an interesting decision to make when it comes to timeline. Whilst Mass Effect 4 will be a sequel to the original trilogy, I can’t see it occurring after the reaper invasion. The choice you make in the finale ultimately changes the galaxy one way or another. This means that a standardised galaxy couldn’t be created AFTER the reaper invasion as it’d only incorporate one choice, annoying a multitude of fans who had chosen a different option. Therefore, will it take place during the invasion, preceding the invasion or far earlier when reapers haven’t even yet been heard of?

Reappearance of Old Friends

Going off the basis that ME4 is likely, in my opinion, to occur before the reaper invasion, could we see some old faces? Bioware have already said that Shepard will no longer appear in subsequent Mass Effect games, and that his/her story is over. This is not to say that old acquaintances from the game won’t appear, even if’s simply a news report heard on the Citadel relating to specific Cerberus agents or a slightly mad Salarian scientist.

No Shepard, No Soldier

Though Bioware have been sketchy with the details, one thing is clear; there will be no Shepard and the story of a soldier saving the universe has been told. The possibilities are endless and there’s no point in guessing what Bioware has up their sleeve. A peacekeeper? An archaeologist? A scientist searching the galaxy for answers? Who knows, but we can expect the military format to be way down the list of possibilities.

Do we need another Mass Effect?

Personally, I think we do need more from Mass Effect. It would be a huge disappointment to waste the incredible galaxy that the Bioware team have created. And it’s vast, with so many tales that could be told, from so many perspectives. Of course, any story needs to be told well, and there are sceptics who believe that Bioware haven’t got time for ME4 because they’re trying to breathe life back into Star Wars: The Old Republic and resuscitate their Dragon Age series. However, for someone who’s invested a staggering amount of time into the ME universe, I believe there’s more to be told, and I can’t wait to see it.