A new obsession – First look at The Elder Scrolls Online

I’m probably in the minority when it comes to gamers who haven’t tried out any of the Elder Scrolls titles. I’ve always been caught up in sci-fi games to give much time to other titles, and when I’m hooked on a series I tend to play that on a continuous loop rather than branch out. I’m also extremely busy and know that my life would pretty much come to a standstill if I bought more games (I don’t own a console for that very reason). I’ve seen many trailers for Skyrim and it looks AWESOME, but now I’ve found The Elder Scrolls Online, I may be hooked.

In this new video from ZenimaxOnlineStudios, they share the beginnings of what looks to be a new and awesome MMORPG. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t know the Elder Scrolls worlds, I know nothing of the lore, races, characters from this series, but even so, the 9min video hasn’t failed to make a positive impact on me. So much so, that I’ve signed up for beta testing.

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare and are looking for a new MMORPG, or have always hoped for the Elder Scrolls to move online, then seriously – take a look. The world building is great, and I’m glad to see that they’ve gone down the realistic rather than stylised route (something I’m not keen on in SW:TOR). I’m also impressed to hear that they’ve created a new MEGA-server technology which will allow everyone to play in one world; no annoyances trying to find friends or switch alts from one server to the next.

Can’t wait to see more from this potential new obsession.