New Google+ Communities

So…running a blog is pretty hard work, especially when there’s SO much daily news about awesome shows, stunning games and crazy-good upcoming movies. Blogging about each one has become quite infeasible. As such, and because I’ve started to really love Google+, I’ve created a couple of communities to deal with this stuff instead. 🙂

So, if you’re on Google+, feel free to head over and participate. I’m going to be posting daily in these communities, and I might well create more! So, you can check out;

SciFi Central

Zombie Central

Fantasy Central

I may add more communities in time, but as these are my main focus, I’ll be concentrating on these genres and the entertainment they involve! Also, the great thing is that you can easily participate too by using a +1, commenting or sharing. I have to say, Google+ is DEFINITELY growing on me.

I’ll still be updating here on occasion, but if you want a more constant stream of news, then join me over at Google+. 🙂