Bioware teases new Mass Effect DLC

Bioware have been pretty open about the fact they’re making more DLC since the release of the Omega adventure. I loved that content; you got to play with Aria, got to meet a female Turian – all pretty cool stuff. Now, series producer, Mike Gamble, and executive producer, Casey Hudson, have both tweeted a single image of what we might expect for Shepard’s latest adventure.


‘Looks like a nice place for some R&R’ – Hudson

'Does not look like a guy you'd want to mess with' - Gamble

‘Does not look like a guy you’d want to mess with’ – Gamble

Meanwhile, I also discovered that Casey Hudson asked his twitter fans whether they wanted a prequel or sequel for the Mass Effect series. If you’ve read my ‘What’s in store for Mass Effect 4‘ post, then you might agree that a sequel is probably a bad direction to take. I hope, for everyone’s sake, they decide upon a prequel and save themselves against a backlash of fans.