An EPIC new movie

I’ve never been that keen on animated films. I’m not entirely sure why, because when I actually look at my tastes and some of the cool movies out there – Antz, Bugs Life, Wall-E, Monsters Inc – I really should LOVE them. Since the arrival of Mr. Toronto (my 52 First Date’s find who obsesses over animation) I’ve seen a lot more movies in this genre and, I’ll admit, my tastes are beginning to change.

I suppose the real thing that put me off these films was Disney. Gah. How I DETEST the Disney Classics. A date once made me sit through The Lion King; a film that I ought to love. Nope. Didn’t nothing for me, at all. Well…it did make me never want to watch a Disney Classic again. However, the progress of modern animation, the Star Wars Clones series and the fact that Disney’s now acquired Star Wars which, therefore, forces me to like them, has started to change my opinion.

Anyway, new film EPIC is out next month and looks incredible. Anyone who’s read my books knows that I can’t help but slip cool creatures, forest scenes and fantasy people into my descriptions. I guess I’m a total child at heart. EPIC has it all; talking snails, tiny little forest people who fly around on hummingbirds,  cool dandelion girls who’s headdresses are made of seeds and, of course, the required impending battle of evil. I can’t wait to see this movie…it’s basically all of my child adulthood dreams!


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