A bit more Battlestar

Anyone who knows me understands that I’m a huge Battlestar Galactica fan. I came to the series several years after it had finished, so I was able to have a few weeks of back-to-back watching. I was totally sucked in and engrossed, and have watched the series several times over since those first few days. Then I threw myself into Caprica and loved the spin-off series, despite it being radically different from the militaristic sci-fi that I’d first fallen into. Then, when all hope was fading, along came the Blood & Chrome webisode series. Alas, though this has been discontinued, it was another great romp into the BSG universe.

There have been a couple of BSG movies that I hadn’t, until now, had time to watch; Razor and The Plan. I picked up both on Amazon really cheaply (The Plan is £5.50, Razor’s only £3.43) and both are definitely worthwhile seeing if you want more BSG indulgence.

The Plan

battlestarplanboxThe Plan answers a hell of a lot of questions regarding how and why the cylons carried out their attack. Following the path of two brother Cavil’s (number one’s), the movie starts at the very initiation of the cylon attack and finished when the two Cavil’s are outed on-board Galactica and air-locked. You get to see how the remaining cylons in the fleet tried to kill everyone once and for all, including who and what orchestrated Sharon Valerii (Boomer) into blowing up the water tanks and shooting Adama. Meanwhile, on the surface of Caprica, the story follows Anders and the Pyramid crew as they battle for survival.

As well as a lot of questions being answered there are a lot of cut scenes from the series, so don’t expect to be seeing new content from a lot of the cast. The scenes are needed to continue the flow but are spliced into the content quite a lot. Still, it’s still under £6 and does reveal a lot – including how all of the final five managed to survive the cylon attack and end up in the fleet. In addition, make sure you watch the deleted scenes. Whilst most are just cut scenes that only relate to The Plan’s story, the last is quite significant. This shows just what happens to the six and eight ‘hero’s’ after they let Anders go…and I’m quite surprised it didn’t make the final cut.


bsrazor2dDamn, when sci-fi favourite Michelle Forbes turned up, it was quickly apparent that she was a complete bitch. She shot her own XO in cold blood, ordered families to be lined up against the bulkheads and shot and tortured a number six to such an extent that you forgot it was a cylon at all. But she wasn’t always that way.

Razor takes place when Lee is made captain of the Pegasus, and introduces Lieutenant Kendra Shaw; a new addition to the Pegasus crew. Her flashbacks take you right into the heart of the cylon attack and the steps that Admiral Cain took to save her crew and keep the war raging. It’s only got three stars on Amazon which I’m quite surprised at because I loved it. I gives all the Pegasus crew far more depth and shows that we were given a one-sided picture in the series. As always, Forbes is excellent, and there’s also lots of new scenes with our favourites – Lee, Starbuck and Adama – so it’s well worth the watch!

Now….if only we can convince them to make some more BSG related material!


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