Mass Effect – Retake Omega

I know, I know, I’m already late to this party. I have justification, however, mostly in that my computer got wiped and so I’ve been playing Mass Effect from the start to level up two characters through games one and two before replaying Mass Effect 3 for the second time. I didn’t even have the extended cut the first time around, and I haven’t yet played with the Leviathan DLC either.

Even though Retake Omega hit on November 27th, this is the first time I’ve managed to get around to watching the trailer. I’m excited. In some ways, I’m kinda of glad I’m about to play through again anyway because it means that the DLC can seamlessly slot into gaming without having to reach ME3’s definitive ending and have to start over anyway.

I’m not entirely sure that comparing Aria to the Illusive Man quite holds up. Okay, Aria’s a bitch and a warlord, but she’s not just taken over the universe Illusive Man stylee. However, it looks as if Shepherd gets to play alongside Aria, and, is that a female Turian I spy?!

Let’s be honest, any Mass Effect DLC means more killing, fighting and rampaging, so there’s not a lot to be sad about. It’ll fill the gap until the next Mass Effect game is released. 😉


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