Rise of the Guardians trailer

I have to say, Mr Toronto is having a large effect on my film watching. Before he came along, I shuddered at the thought of watching an animated film. I’m not sure why, they just didn’t inspire me – at all. Of course, I’d seen Antz, A Bugs Life, Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and yes, they were cute, but they didn’t hold my attention. However, Mr Toronto is a HUGE geek when it comes to cartoons and anime, and whilst he’ll still never manage to get me to watch a Disney Classic *pulls out box of pins ready to stick them in eyes*, he did show me this film.

It’s perfect for Christmas, it’s got lots of cute fairytale fantasy and, dare I say it, it looks quite enjoyable! It also helps that it has an irresistible cast – Chris Pine (oh God, please HURRY up Star Trek 2), Hugh Jackman with his AUSSIE accent (talk me under the table now) and Isla Fisher (I have a softspot for the Home and Away lesbian, Shannon).  Perhaps I’m going soft, but I really want to see this movie!


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