Downton Abbey – Is it all over for Matthew and Mary?

We all spent the first two seasons of Downton Abbey desperately hoping that Matthew and Mary would get together. He was the saviour of Downton, he’d save Mary’s fortune, but more that, despite the scandal of shagging Mr Pamook to death and then getting engaged to Sir Richard Carlisle, Mary was undeniably in love with him. The Christmas special in 2011 saw this couple finally say I love you, and a marriage quickly ensued. But, high society gals, butlers, footmen and cooks, I have bad news, rumours are that Matthew and Mary are not to last.

The latest news has revealed that Dan Stevens (aka Matthew Crawley) is LEAVING! *ready your hankies*. The actor will appear in 2012’s Christmas Special, and is likely to appear in the first episode of Season 4, but after that? No more. So far, ITV have not officially commented, and the story was sourced from a member of the production crew. I can’t see that Julian Fellows will kill him off – we’ve already had more than enough people die and I don’t know if I could take Matthew dying as well. So, it waits to be seen if Dan Stevens is really leaving, and if so, how it’ll occur. Alas, it seems that Mary is set to never be fully happy.


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