Downton’s back for a fourth series

This news really shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as Downton Abbey continues to win accolades and awards all over the world. Even if Julian Fellows had the overwhelming desire to end the period drama on a high, I doubt very much that any broadcaster would leave it alone. And, certainly, now is as good a time as ever to keep the thrilling lives of high society and their employees in our minds.

Whilst season two was a bit dull – though I only realised this when season three started and the inadequacies of two were revealed – this latest Downton stint has had us overjoyed, downhearted, thrilled and spilling tears into our evening cocoa. The casting remains brilliant, the Dowager’s one liners are constantly fresh and hysterical, and the passing of poor Lady Sybil had been a blubbering wreck even on the third time of watching the episode. Whilst Thomas’ story in the last episode was a little unconvincing – as much as we love Lord Grantham, he certainly would NOT have tolerated Thomas’ indiscretions and would have almost certainly sent him packing – I could see that they didn’t want to lose the actor. Season three’s magnificence manages to overshadow this small blip, however, so the latest news of more Downton is welcome!

Downton is starting to become a traditional autumnal treat, and though we Brits have already enjoyed the season this year, we still have the Christmas special to look forward to. Wahoooo. Then, after that, we’ll have another eight episodes in autumn 2013. Yipeee.


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