Plans afoot for Independence Day 2 AND 3??

I don’t know why, but I had a sudden urge to watch Independence Day today. Out of the blue, whilst doing my client copywriting work this morning, I got that sudden itch to see Will Smith killing things. Whether it’s the grey weather, the onset of inner hermitings or the fact that, according to the Maya calender, the world’s set to end on December 21st, the urge for an almost apocalyptic tale was there. So, I took to the couch with blanket and tea, curled up and enjoyed some nostalgia – especially because I watched a VHS copy I’d recorded off the TV in 1999!!

The film remains pretty epic and really hasn’t aged badly in the past 16 years. Obviously the stars look rather young, though it’s safe to say Will Smith’s got better with age, and I got a small delight when I realised that the First Lady was played by Battlestar Galactica’s Mary McDonnell. But, checking into GetGlue, I discovered something else, Independence Day 3?! What was this? A new film slated for release in 2014?! So I looked it up – it seems that yes, indeed, there are plans for not one sequel, but two.

In this article at NME it seems that original writer, Dean Devlin, had written a script immediately after Independence Day proved a huge hit way back when in 1996. However, the story didn’t come together; he and director Roland Emmerich couldn’t meet on the same page and so the plan was shelved. Now, 16 years later, both Devlin and Emmerich ARE on the same page and are now in the very preliminary stages of seeing if the sequels can be got off the ground, including the reunion of key stars such as Will Smith, Vivica A. Fox and Jeff Goldblum.

I have to say, I’m a little excited, and the fact that it’s taken 16 years for a script to come together offers me hope that the story could actually be worth telling. However, I’m holding out to find out more until I let my endorphins go on a rampage, largely because of the huge failing (in my eyes) that was Prometheus. Ridley Scott + Aliens + Modern Technology + A Well Developed Script should’ve made for a ground breaking movie. It broke ground alright, it’s just that I wanted to be swallowed into the darkness and forget I’d ever seen the awfulness.

Anway, back to Independence Day. Any news is scarce and they’re not saying a lot now – which is probably a good thing. But, we could have TWO new 3D movies in the works soon. And, with Independence Day being re-released in 2013 with full 3D effects, it does seem likely that they’re planning the breathe life into this old classic.


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