Blood and Chrome is a fracking Battlestar Galactica triumph

When I first heard that Blood and Chrome, the attempt at breathing fresh life into Battlestar Galactica, had been relegated to the internet by SyFy, I was less than impressed. I was absolutely devastated when Battlestar Galactica came to an end. I was a VERY latecomer to this series, so unlike most, I got to sit through the entire series watching each season back to back. And then, almost as quickly as it started, it was over. I moved onto Caprica; another ill fated series that got cut well before it’s prime. Then, rumours started to circulate – SyFy was developing a new series, a thrilling adventure set during the first Cylon war with a rookie William Adama taking his first footsteps into battle.

Originally this series was slated for television, but it became quickly apparent that the powers that be were dragging their heels, eventually demoting the show to online entertainment only. Well, here comes another crappy web-based series made with a couple of dollars, I thought. Oh, but now I eat my own words, how wrong I was!

Blood & Chrome has already thrilled me with the first four online episodes, and it truly seems that there’s no expense spared. These may only be 12 minute long episodes, but each is crammed with awesome acting, vipers, Cylons, battle scenes and some references back to Caprica to help tie the entire show into the Battlestar Galactica expanded universe. Luke Pasqualino does a fantastic job of bringing the gun ready and cocky young Adama to life, and half of the Caprica cast seem to be making appearances – but that only makes it more exciting in my opinion.

Whilst I’m craving longer episodes to enjoy the action for longer, if you watch all four first episodes in one go you pretty much have a great 40 mins of NEW BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. It’s worth it, I assure you. And, with the web series doing so well, and talk of Syfy airing the original pilot in Jan 2013 anyway – here’s hoping to rapturous applause – Blood and Chrome is already a fracking triumph in my eyes.

Watch Episode One now:

And for those who want to know when it’s all airing, here are the dates!


One response to “Blood and Chrome is a fracking Battlestar Galactica triumph

  1. While I’ll agree it wasn’t bad, I don’t think Blood and Chrome could sustain a series for any length of time. Certainly not the way the screenwriters went about it. While I think the idea of showing us the first Cylon war is doable. I don’t think it would be nearly as effective unless you give us characters that are not tied to the Ron Moore BSG except as a cameo.

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