52 First Dates – That Four Letter Word

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

Can you believe that it’s been 15 months since I went on Date #10 and met Mr Toronto? I can’t quite believe it myself, time seems to have flown past. Now it’s time for that VERY important four letter word – VISA.

Over the past year Mr T. and I have jet-set back and forth between London and Toronto. To be fair, it’s mostly him coming here, but that’s because his aviation company flew here regularly over the summer and so Mr T got a free ride to the UK. Get in! well, he had to work, but still. Plus, an extra little perk of him working was having a free hotel room, albeit Gatwick’s Hilton’s sparse offerings, and it was preeetttty nice!

But, there was one thing bugging me all along, where could this go? I didn’t want to do long distance forever, and though I’d kinda got used to being far away from each other, there comes a time when things have to change, when things have to get a little more serious. But what can be more serious than saying ‘I LOVE you?’. I’ll tell you. Saying, ‘Lets get a VISA’.

Luckily for me, Canada’s a commonwealth country and so they have the young person’s working visa which you can apply for up to 30. Luckily for me again, Mr T is 28. However, being cabin crew he needs his passport for work and we’ve had to wait a LONG time until he could take annual leave and get a long enough period to send his documents off to NYC, in the middle of Hurricane Sandy, I add. But, today he got it back and there, stamped neatly in its pages, was the visa, all approved, all ready to go from December 1st 2012.

I have to say, getting the visa was highly stressful, largely because there is no official to ask and no official to check your documents. You have to work it out yourself, plead for help from friends who have similar visa processes and hope to God that you’ve got everything right. We made mistakes. We fucked up a few times. But, it’s done. And now this 52 First Dates story can continue its happy ending as Mr Toronto becomes Mr London.


3 responses to “52 First Dates – That Four Letter Word

  1. Wow, Geoff, well done to you and Mr T! It sounds like the two of you are made for each other and the commitment is definitely there with all the long distance travelling you do! I say go for it and I’m glad the dating game paid off…I love HEA -Happy Ever After -I have to. I’m a romance writer :>) It’s all we think about -well, perhaps not all…wicked chuckle. My books are fairly spicy :>)

    • Thanks Susan! I was so fed up of moaning about singledom with friends that I decided to be pro-active, and guess what? It worked! We’re definitely at a HEA which, as you know, is a prerequisite for romance novels. 😉 With a bit of spice…..there were several dates before #10 that had some spice…though probably not as much as Cassandra by Starlight!

  2. The best of luck to you two. I am currently trying to not completely break down after the ending of a seven year long-distance relationship (I’m in the US, he was in Bangkok). We planned to marry as soon as the US allowed it federally, we’d already exchanged rings six years back. He was willing to give up his well established architectural design practice there and begin anew in the US. We saw each other twice a year usually, a total of about 4-7 months together per year. I was really certain he was the one I would spend my life with. Unfortunately US law, expensive airfares, stresses of beginning a new business, immigration difficulties, family health issues for him…they all conspired against us. It’s even more sad as with Obama’s re-election, and some actual movement on the federal same-sex marriage issue, there’s some real hope of change in the US. Now it’s the holidays and I’m in our US house on my own, it feels more like an empty shell than a home. I guess my advice is if you really, really love him, don’t give up and always let him know how much you love him. I really do wish you guys the best.

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