War, and Companion Characters, Are Coming

We all know I’m a Star Wars geek, and having played Star Wars: Galaxies (SWG) for many years I’m waiting with HUGE anticipation for the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). With a release date finally announced, and the later press release that Europe’s launch date had been changed to be the same as North America, allowing me to jump into this vibrant and expansive world from December 20th 2011.


Aside from that crucial launch date comes the compelling news about companion characters. We’ve experienced them before – they’re the creatures and pets available in WoW and SWG, or the skirmish soldiers that you can call in LOTRO. However, with SWTOR they are to be far more developed,. Emotional people, not the blank canvases that we’ve come to expect. Much of the hype with SWTOR is that all characters are to be voiced, making a dramatic shift away from minimal voice over and plain speech bubble options to engaging gameplay. A previous flaw for many MMO’s was that you had to read the speech bubbles and quest information which, quite frankly, you hardly end up doing. However, with fully audible interaction comes the chance for total immersion, with all your senses being compelled to complete your SWTOR story.

Companion characters will not only speak, and evolve but be completely customisable both physically and skill wise. Like Mass Effect, Bioware has taken the opportunity to offer romantic options with these customisable characters too, adding an entirely new genre for you to dabble in during this incredible MMO. From the sexy Twi’lek to the cute Jawa, you’ll be able to fill your ship with a range of characters to befriend, use on missions, and fall in love with, in addition to the other thousands of real players around you.


With December 20th fast approaching it’ll only be a matter of time before I’m engulfed in this fantastic new world. And with new details appearing all the time I’m already well and truly hooked.


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