Multiplayer for Mass Effect

It has been revealed in Australia’s gaming magazine PC PowerPlay that Mass Effect 3 is to get multiplayer features. It’s quite a dramatic revelation for a game which, for both it’s first and second titles, steered fervently away from the traps of putting too much time into multiplay games rather than the main title itself. Whilst players around the globe get into a flap about the new direction for this award winning and top selling game, I’ll be none too affected – I don’t allow myself a console because my life would cease as I became married to the couch and fast food – and playing via PC networking really isn’t worth the hassle. But, with the highly anticipated revelation made, I wonder whether Mass Effect even needs this multiplayer option.

In the same way that I continue to hope that Tali’s face will not be shown because it is sure to be a devastating let down, I hope that the multiplayer options coming to Mass Effect will also not disappoint. There is already a staggering variety of story options within the title, with replayability an obvious option to discover just how your different interactions and important decisions will affect later gameplay. As seen with some of the DLC’s that have come later, especially for ME2, playability was poor for a couple with Shepherds actions really not having any meaning in the greater aspect of the game.

As long as Bioware and Electronic Arts keep up the full throttle with the main title, and don’t become side tracked with online multiplayer quests so that both pieces come out feeling rather lack lustre, I’ll be happy. And let’s be honest, sod my friends and multiplay options, I just wanna head back to my crew and get onto the battlefield with Liara, Garrus and Tali when the game breaks on March 6th, 2012.


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