52 First Dates – First 10 Roundup

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

If you’ve been following 52 First Dates you’ll know that the ultimate goal is to find a husband. I don’t mean to date 52 guys and get married at the end of it, I mean to find someone with whom I want a future with. I’m not a naive fantasist who’ll get married within three months, but really, what’s the point of horrific dating rollercoaster ride otherwise?  The first ten really were an exciting journey of highs and lows. Date #1 saw me snogging the face off a very hot but young Cypriot lad, and though we both made plans to see each other again, nothing further came. Date #4 set my world alight but, as with so many dates, the feeling wasn’t returned and I was left with the ‘why didn’t he like me’ angst. #7 and #8, whilst I wasn’t damning in their write-ups were pretty dire in retrospect, and #9 got to three dates before we both realised the simmering spark had died out.

52 First Dates however isn’t just about dating lots of people to find the one, it’s also about changing the mindset in relation to dates. The more people you meet, the more you realise when a spark really is a spark rather than a vague ember. The feelings you had when someone was great on the date and then never text – well that happens the opposite way around too and you suddenly have a little more compassion for the boys that perhaps werent so into you but didn’t know how to tell you.  It’s easy to have a great date before going home and realising that whilst they were great, it wasn’t going to work longterm.

As of now, Date #10 is still the major player and, having met a month ago and talked every day via Whatsapp and Skype, I’m heading to Canada on Friday. I can’t wait to go if I’m honest as this is a man who I can see myself with forever. For the hermit in me the distance isn’t actually an issue, yet, and the future will be what it is. He’s even deleted his Grindr profile and that’s as good as getting down on one knee.

However, this isn’t the end for #52firstdates and Claire is currently full throttle in her attempts to find a husband. Meanwhile, there’s a long way to go until I’m in my wedding best and betrothed…..and I feel like the story is only just beginning.


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