Spooks – This is the End

Spooks is one of those British series that has gone from strength to strength. There aren’t many dramas that can boast ten seasons and an international audience hanging on every episode. But, alas, after saying for many seasons that the acclaimed drama was to finish, the end is finally nigh.

It’s been pretty compelling from the word go, and though your initial interest in joining MI5 may have been aroused, you were probably having second thoughts when newbie Spook Helen Flynn met a gruesome end with her face being plunged into a steaming deep fat fryer. And the body count didn’t stop there, making this career option increasingly seem a little dangerous. Danny was shot to death, Ros and Adam got blown up, whilst poor journalist turned spook Ben Kaplan had his throat slit by vicious Connie. Diplomatic relations blurred as sexual relations sparked, and you could never be sure who you could trust. The writers didn’t shy away from the thrill factor here, and with their finger on the pulse of global affairs, each season brought with it a slightly uneasy realism to current events.

Despite the regularly changing the cast, the sometimes intensely confusing storylines, and the often bloody violence, the series found itself with an international, and diverse audience judging on the fact that it was the one show of the week that my 86 year old female friend couldn’t bear to miss. Season ten is almost certainly to focus on Spooks stalwarts Harry Pearce and Ruth Evershed, though their conclusion is unlikley to have a happy ending. And with Spooks making its final bows, it’s unlikely that the writers will give us anything but the usual intense and thrilling ride we’ve come to expect.


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