An Emotional Second Series for Downton Abbey

Us Brits are pretty obsessed with a good period drama. Throw a gripping classic, some heaving bosoms, a dashing underhanded gentleman and a overlooked hero together and you get primetime TV and ratings through the roof. The BBC’s classic Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle proves never to be outdone by rehashing of the story, whilst more recent wonders including the magnificent Judi Dench in Cranford, Bleak House and Little Dorritt all now adorn my shelves. But, before Downton Abbey along, there was a noticeable space for the early 1900’s. Perhaps the era was still too recent to be deemed ‘period’ drama, and being too young to remember the BBC classic of Upstairs, Downstairs I was totally enthralled when Downton Abbey came along.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. An incredible cast meant nothing when realising it was ITV and not BBC. But the sometimes second rate broadcaster pulled it out the bag and proved, even when the BBC quickly scrambled to rehash Upstairs, Downstairs in a competitive bid, that it was truly on top.

Downton Abbey was a soaring success, even with the extraordinary story of Mr (dashing, and suave, and gorgeous) Pamuk dying as he took heiress Lady Mary Crawley’s virginity. But, somehow, it added to the entire story in a very gripping way as the fallout and secrets starting appearing on the gossip circuit. With World War I breaking out at the end of Series 1 the scene was set beautifully for Series 2 which appears back on our screens on September 18th at 8pm. Unfortunately ITV have not released the trailer online, so below is a fan’s filming of the advert. But, by all accounts, it looks as if Series 2 will be a gripping and emotional ride for both characters and viewers of this masterpiece.


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