Date #10 – 52 First Dates – The Tale of Mr Toronto

This week has been rather a rollercoaster. At the start, the dark clouds of depression began to roll in, making me feel inadequate, uninterested and fog filled. At the end it was smiles, passion and more laughter than I’ve had in a long time.

Mr Toronto and I have been chatting for some time after he initially found me on a lesser used mobile app, Jack’d. We texted daily, he called me a couple of times, we shared more than a few intimate photos, but I never thought it would come to anything, I mean, he lives on the other side of the world. But Mr Toronto is intense, intense enough to fly across the pond to come and see me in London. Intense enough to scare me a little as a certain good friend knows. But though I may have been a little wary at first, his persistence paid off because date #10 started on Monday afternoon and finished only a few short hours ago!

The thing with Mr Toronto is, not only does he work in the aviation industry, but he’s spontaneous too so a quick standby request and he was in London in no time. In a 52 First Date’s first I’d shared the blog with him, wanting to make it clear that I wasn’t doing this just to bed him and improve diplomatic relations. It was good reading fodder for his journey, and a few questions out of the way and all was fine. Our dating ideas were changed rather due to his accommodation plans falling through, and after creating enough fireworks for the entire street to think Eid had come early, I persuaded Mr T not to look for a hotel; as long as he got out of my way in the day so I could work, he could stay the week.

And so, an unexpected holiday romance began. We talked allotments, I made him watch The Great British Bake Off, we were woken by Cecil the cockerel at 8.30am. I made stupid faces like a gurning champion, farted in bed and wore my Β£4 faded Primark trackies round the house, and amazingly he still found me attractive. He cooks. He’s interested, or at least pretends to be, when I go off on a geek fest regarding gardening, bugs, or my aquarium….though I haven’t unleashed the Harry Potter geek on him yet. He has an incredible body, one which makes me feel out of shape rather. I love that we watched Final Destination 5 together and laughed at the stupid gore whilst filling our gobs with popcorn, ice cream and, for health’s sake, a tuna sandwich. I love that he has the dedication to keep his faith, yet the independence to not be led by it. I love that I was completely myself for the entire week and felt like a best friend, but of course with benefits, was in the house.

So, what next?! Well, there’s the possibility I’ll go to Toronto to see him and, before we even met, Mr T already had plans to become Mr London in 2012 for his career. Would I move for love? of course. Is this love? of course not – yet. As far as 52 First Dates is concerned I’m not at all sure. Mr Toronto makes my heart smile, and the last thing I want to do right now is go on a new first date. As such, there may be a stop gap in proceedings whilst we work out where this might head. But, for now, date #10 has taken a little piece of me with him on his flight back to Canada and I’m hoping that I’ll see him again.


15 responses to “Date #10 – 52 First Dates – The Tale of Mr Toronto

  1. Geoff, I have tears in my eyes. Such a unexspected romance. I’m glad for you. And I’m sure that you will see Mr. T soon, again.ξ€’

      • Love and romances are gifts therefore it’s in their nature to be unexspected. The moment in which you get the gift, try to guess what it is and then open it it’s the best. Smile and happiness….

  2. WOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!!! I love it!!! Sometimes even just the reassurance that you can (and deserve to) meet someone with that *instant* connection is an awesome thing in itself – let alone a whole week of it!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I hope you get to go play in Toronto soon Geoff-wee …. I really do love this post, I can feel your cheeky grin from Oz!!! The true spirit of 52 dates indeed! *mwah* x x x x x

    • Thanks my lovely! exactly, the true spirit of 52 First Dates was to find someone, and I have. I’m not saying its forever because we’ve only spent 4 days together, but I feel so happy right now…I hope it IS forever (how soppy). Definitely seeing him at the end of the month one way or another. Snogs and breast squeezes from London (virtual, just so Morgan doesn’t mind TOO much) xxxx

  3. HAHA! I’ll pass, but thanks Wakeling πŸ˜‰

    Nice work though – I’ll have my fingers (jealously) crossed.

    Oh, and a request from us perpetual singletons – can you now take down any pictures in which you’re wearing anything less than a burka πŸ˜€

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