More Mass Effect After Fight for Earth

It’s that time of year, and if you’ve being paying any attention to Gamescom you’ll know of the hype that’s been surrounding next year’s Mass Effect 3 release. With Shepherd back on Earth facing trial against the murder of 300,000 Bactarians, the scene is set for the Reaper invasion, with gameplay taking place in London and New York scenario’s at a minimum.

The Reapers are coming to London

A plethora of information has been unveiled, including details of our much loved characters. Tali and Kal’Reeger are both making returns, and there’s been hints that Quarians will finally be seen without their masks. However, as much as I’m eager to see her face, I actually hope BioWare choose not to reveal Tali to the masses. Whatever they do and however she looks, it’s sure to be a disappointment – like meeting up on a first date only to realise that the pics you were sent were several years old. Minor, yet hugely loved character Kelly Chambers will be back as long as you didn’t let the Collectors turn her to a bloody sludge in the horrific suicide mission through the Omega 4 relay. Meanwhile, with Miranda, Legion, and all previous characters (as long as they’re alive that is) making an appearance somewhere, the cast for Mass Effect 3 looks to be pretty stunning and extensive.

But, along with all the Mass Effect 3 details comes the news from Bioware marketing chief David Silverman which I’d barely hope to think about. With Mass Effect 3 concluding this epic triology for survival, the game was almost up. And as much as I can’t wait for the third title to arrive, once it does, then that is that….or is it? Questioned over the possibility of prequels to the series, Silverman revealed “This series definitely doesn’t end with Mass Effect 3,” giving hope to the hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe. There was little embellishment on this expanded universe other than it wasn’t the end. Can we look forward to the invasion of the Reapers against the Protheans? Or perhaps the first council led species arriving at the Citadel? Or a story arc more personal to players hearts with current characters appearing in alternate prequels somehow? Whatever Bioware comes up with this is by far the best news coming out of Gamescom, giving hope that all the hours invested into these beloved characters and amazing universe will be able to live for a little bit longer.

However, for now, we must revel in the glory that is to be Mass Effect 3, and with new video and image content, 2012 seems too far away to believe.


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