Date #7 – 52 First Dates

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

Whilst I was filled with a little hope after date #6/Federer lookalike, I soon realised that it wasn’t going to happen. Yes, we chatted like old friends, but being worried he was going to go in for the kiss, in addition to looking in the toilet mirror hlafway through the date and asking myself whether I fancied my date or not, probably reveals my disappointed answer. I liked date #6 a lot, and I suppose I was trying to create a spark. However, from dating history I know that if it’s not there from the beginning it simply doesn’t work for me…and so onto date #7 I went.

A Grindr find, date #7 was a Middle Eastern Aussie. He was hot. He seemed fairly upfront and honest, and after he failed to find any Bel Ami boys on his holiday in Prague we decided to meet up. If I’m honest, I was disappointed. Sometimes you meet someone and know within seconds it’s not going to work. He was still hot, still Aussie, still Middle Eastern, but I could tell that our approach to life differed hugely. He didn’t get my banter. He seemed rather uninterested, and whilst a nice guy, there’s no creating a spark when you don’t have fuel or kindling. The most notable occurrence of the date was that there was a squashed fly on the window by our cafe seats; slightly off putting when ur trying to enjoy tea, cake and some stagnant conversation.

There’s not too much further I can say. We ate cake, we window shopped in Liberty’s, but I was all too keen to get away and see my friends for some evening boozing. And with the coming week’s social calendar already bursting, I’m hoping that I find time to slot date #8 in!


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