Date #6 – 52 First Dates

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

The one thing you realise when serial dating is that the demanding effort needed isn’t for the dates themselves, it’s for the prep work. Finding men, chatting them up, vetting them to the best of your abilities to ensure that they’re not complete weirdos actually takes a long time. 52firstdates started well, and now I realise it was because of the prior prep, readying men to actually meet. It seems that, unlike me, people have lives to live and can’t actually just date at the drop of a hat. And though dates were rolling to start with, the past few weeks have been a little stagnant to say the least. However, Claire and I seem to be mirroring each other, and she too has had difficulties. Whether luck was on our sides, or the simple motivation of her sixth date last night spurred me on, I finally managed to confirm a lovely number six for tonight.

I met Date #6 on Gay Romeo, a new site suggested by a twitter friend. Sardinian, 27, independent and a great smile. After the debacle of the past few weeks I was slightly unsure of whether I’d ask for a date because I was just in need of one or whether I actually felt it would go well. Saying that, a slight blip in my highly strict criteria was much needed. Being both east end boys we decided to skip the suffocating atmosphere of central London and instead head to Canary Wharf. And having never been there in my 12 London years I was amazed how nice it was.

Date #6 was beaming constantly. Funny and with sparkling eyes his thick Italian accent made it a little difficult to understand at times. However, in these moments I was just taken in by his uncanny resemblance to tennis star Federer – his eyes, his teeth, his broad face, and the way his mouth was slightly contracted when he spoke. We wandered along the river, looking at architecture and the slivers of sunlight streaming through the clouds. We had a coffee in Costa, before we took again to the city slicker skyline of soaring buildings and pristine parks. At one point, amongst the pine trees of a sculpted space I was slightly concerned he was going go in for the kiss. Date #6 has the possibility of becoming a great friend, and we all know what that can be a foundation for. Was the spark there? I’m not sure, and I was cautious of a kiss that could lead him on. But, if this were the Bachelor he most certainly would not be going home.

Of random note, halfway through our date I ended up being interviewed by a team from South Korea making a documentary about London. As Date #6 phoned a friend I ended becoming the face of London for Korean children to learn English too. That or I’m going to be used on war propaganda. It was slightly surreal, especially for midway through a date, but hell, my face can now be enjoyed by kids across Korea (cue sick bucket).

All in all, Date #6 was lovely, and even if no husband comes from it, it was a fantastic evening with a new friend exploring new places. Were there raging fireworks? No….but we all know the emotional turmoil that comes from that. For now I’m happy to want date two, and get back on this dating bandwagon.


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