Back on Track for True Blood

**Contains Season Four Spoilers**

You may have recently seen that I was far from impressed with True Blood’s opening to season four. Whether it was simply a case of over anticipation that made the opening two episodes rather disappointing I don’t know. That, or the fact that due to the year time shift they had to cram in as much as possible making any indepth story out of the question. And what with werewolves, werepanthers, shapeshifters, demon babies, faeries, witches, oh, and of course, actual vampires, I was rather worried that too much was being crammed in too soon. However, I shouldn’t have worried, and with Eric accidentally snacking on Sookie’s fairy godmother, the humour has been brought back and I’ve done a complete U-turn on my previous concerns

The witches, which I thought were going to get hideously stereotypical, have managed to engross me pretty quickly. Head witch Marnie helps proceedings, especially with Harry Potter actress Fiona Shaw (Petunia Dursley), at the helm. In the same way that I was in awe of Michelle Forbe’s second season Maynard, I think that Marnie is down for some wicked and wonderous magic. Especially since she’s already wiped Eric’s mind, providing a comedic duo for he and Sookie, and turning lipstick lesbian Pam’s manicured face into flaking dead flesh. Demon baby, whilst a little lacklustre has the possibility to develop into something good as well. And to be honest, there’s no need to really pay attention to Episode 4’s storylines due to this:


and this:

With a sufficient amount of nakedness, none of Sookie and Bill’s tiresome romance in sight, and the prospect of some intense drama, Season Four looks set to be as thrilling as the three that have come before.


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