Date Fail – 52 First Dates

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011So, after a failed Date #5 last week I was ready to get back on track this week, and last night had Date #5 Take 2 set up, and then date #6 tonight. Well, as intimated in the title, Date #5 once again cancelled, this time due to illness. This may be completely honest, and to tell the truth, our date would have been one of coughs, splutters and bunged noses as I’m also currently grappling with a summer cold. The morning excess of snot is quite literally repulsive, and only steaming showers have been able to free my head of gunk. However, I had made the effort to go into town and set the world to rights with a friend, so the fact that Date #5 cancelled again was rather disappointing.

Meanwhile, Date #6 was due to be tonight with a hot, slightly angry looking Middle Eastern guy. There were a few red flags if I’m honest. His suave and styled approach seemed to be straight from Made in Chelsea and I was wondering whether he might be a slight Ollie/My Little Pony/Pocahontas replica. Meanwhile, his inability to use full stops would have probably driven me to an early grave. Mr Middle Eastern knew about my date on Thursday (yesterday’s failed escapade) and said he’d be around after if I wanted. Subtext – if you don’t go home with him then we can fuck. Red Flag 1. Then today, I text to see if he still want’s a drink. ‘I’m free late late what time u meeting your date’. Subtext – I don’t want a drink, I want a bootycall. Also, his inability to remember I was on a date on Thursday, in addition to not putting in any punctuation riled me. Red Flag 2. 30 minutes later another text asking where I am, subtext – Actually, I’m horny now, are you around to service me. Red Flag 3. There’s been a few texts since with similar meaning, which completely contradict his previous chat with me about wanting to find something long term instead of a random bed bouncing session.

So, with plans once again for tomorrow, it now seems that I’m two weeks behind in my 52 First Dates concept which is highly annoying. Date #5, well, I’m, making no more effort but I would still go on  a date with him. Date #6 is being cut loose to go and subtext away from me. And as week seven looms I hope to god that I actually manage to get on another date!


2 responses to “Date Fail – 52 First Dates

  1. You do like your subtexts don’t you! I think his inability to use full stops would have made me cut him loose earlier. Onwards and upwards Mr Arms, there are plenty of guys around for future dates.

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