Date #5 – 52 First Dates

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

This week there’s definitely been a storm in this hermit’s little tea cup. Date #4 was my future husband. Fact. (ok, there may be a mix of embellishment, melodrama and down right stalker thoughts here, but he was the first guy I’ve ever had that surreal, whole heart and mind feeling for – and after only two bloody hours!).  However, date #4 is not hugely great at texting, a fact he alluded to himself, and so I’ve been provided the perfect occasion to wallow in that hellish ‘where on earth is my cheeky, sexy, make me smile message’. In addition, after all my positive date spiel about his possible career abroad he’s only gone and got the job. He’s into me, he’s just not THAT into me. And with September looming there really isn’t much of a chance to build the foundations of a relationship that will last a year of travelling back and forth between countries. However, whilst logic reminds me of the fact that two weeks ago I’d never met this guy, that we only spent two hours together, and that I really have no extended connection, my heart has other, strange ideas and I’m finding it very hard not to dwell on it. Meanwhile, lovely date #3 is texting me every day, making me not only realise that that’s how it should be, but also making me feel incredibly guilty. I like date #3, but date #4 overshadowed him, and I don’t want to be leading anyone on in this minefield known as dating.

And so, I have to admit, I approached date #5 with an already bruised heart and an amount of trepidation. I wasn’t really feeling like going on a date, but this entire concept is here to conquer that emotion and keep the dating ball rolling. Date #5 was sexy, Mediterranean, and a Trekkie – what more could a sci-fi geek like me want? We’d had an in-depth first conversation about the sweety goodness of waffles and so I’d decided what better place to meet than Spitalfields Market Patisserie Valerie to indulge ourselves a little. The fact that the day had been a washout and we were both East helped too, avoiding the hour long trek into Central London. The date? Well…56 minutes before we were due to meet Mr #5 cancelled. He seemed to have a legitimate reason, but I’d actually geared myself up to looking forward to a cream filled bun over conversation with a hot man. It would have been the perfect end to a dreary day.

On the plus side, my day was made better when the identical twin brother of a former hookup messaged me to see if I was available for ‘friends and fun’. I knew of his existance from my former beau, but never in a million years thought that we’d ever coincide with each other. And here he is, winking at me on Manhunt, and all I’m thinking is ‘Damn, this could be so wrong, yet SO right.’  Meanwhile, technically I have also already met up with one guy this week….though it was Sunday at about 1am. The rules state hookups are not dates, and this was definitely not a hookup. Though if this 19 year old muscled Asian guy hadn’t left when he did it quite possible could have been. But 19?! What on earth was my Saturday night brain thinking….well, actually I think we can all answer that…and, to have a random snog with a sexy man was just what I needed to take my thoughts away from other things. I’m 30 and I can still pull teenagers – result!

So, I have two days before this week is over to try and find a new date, and only tomorrow night to actually see someone as I’m otherwise busy all weekend….I better go a-hunting!


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