The Trouble With Technology

When you want it, technology is an absolute godsend. It’s entirely changed the world in which we live, and made everything from working at home to staying in contact with loved ones as easy as touching a button. However, when it comes to dating it can also be an absolute nightmare, adding to the complicated list of things that you have to deal with when waiting for ‘the boy’ to get in touch with you. Now, rather than playing the simple ‘when to txt’ game, there are numerous other considerations to make. Not only is when to text and what to say still a mind fuck, but now you have to decide which app to text from. WhatsApp has removed all uncertainty over whether he got the text, and instead you now hover, waiting for a reply, when you know damn well that the boy you’re crushing on has received the communication. Or even worse, you log into the plethora of apps available to see that, not only must he have got your text because he’s online, but, having received it he’s not text back and is still surfing the sea of online profiles looking for the next boy. Is he waiting for you to say hi? Or is he simply chatting, blocking, and hooking up with the cascade of multiple profiles on his screen? Technology is complicated, and breeds bunny boilers like a new age plague. So, if you don’t want to fall into the vicious trap of wasting hours staring at an online symbol on your phone, take steps, put that phone down and get on with life.


Welcome to the bunny boiler generation

1. Don’t EVER use WhatsApp. WhatsApp, whilst being amazing for friends and family is a nightmare when it comes to boys. Not only will those two green ticks guarantee that you know he read your message, but if you’re not an instant replyer it could also get you into trouble.

2. Turn off Grindr, Manhunt, Gaydar….and any other applications that allow you to star favourites and see if they’re online. Logging in, seeing a little green light shining away on your beau’s profile but not having a message come through is excruciating. It turns you into a freak who logs in every ten minutes to see if ‘the boy’ is still online. If he is…is he cruising? or is waiting for your to start the conversation? Turn off, show your beloved that you’ve not been online, and wait for a text….because the last thing you want is them messaging simply because they saw you online and thought they’d said hi. You want them to text because they’re thinking about you.

3. Go silent and turn off your phone beeps, blurps, and buzzes. With every application under the sun giving you a notification every other second, every single chirp will have you rummaging through your pocket only to discover its the not the text you wanted. Try and forget the phone and live in the moment, rather than putting it on your desk and staring at the screen every time it lights up.

It’s hard, I know, I find myself waking up at 3am with ten notifications and being highly disappointed when at least one is a drunken text from the latest sexy god in my head. But I assure you, with the mobile app breeding a bunny boiling generation we need to do all we can to date with our heads and not with our phones.


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