Hit or Miss for True Blood’s Season 4?

‘Waiting sucks’ has been the slogan well used by True Blood to keep us die-hard vamp fans alive during the torturous months between seasons. This acclaimed drama burst on to the circuit in a fresh new way, with vampires emerging from their coffins and living alonside humans for the first time. With Alan Ball at the helm of course it was going to be a hit, but, as many progressive drama’s do, season 3 lost its way a little. And to be honest, whilst waiting sucked, so did the start of season 4.

The problem is, like many drama’s, the writers feel that there is a need to continually shock and compel viewers with more bizarre things. Season 2 started to unravel shapeshifters and of course, the wonderful Michelle Forbe’s Maynard. Season 3 then threw in a warlord, some werewolves, more shapeshifters and then ‘fucking fairies’ to put it in Sookie Stackhouses’s words. True Blood started to take a twist towards over population, veering dangerous away from the core values that makes the series so gripping.

The true face of Season 4's fairies

Of course, vampires remain a dominant part of the storyline, with Pam’s lesbian fetishism and love of shoes keeping her one of my favourite characters. Jessica, not even in the books, has also become an established favourite, desperately trying to deal with newly found vampirism. But with Eric and Bill on the constant love tussle over Sookie its beginning to feel like the teeny bopper Vampire Diaries rather than the cutting edge and dark drama that it should be.

Pam holds True Blood's essence in her lipsticked hands

One of the major attractions of Season 1 was that it was fundamentally a ‘who-dunit’ series that happened to include vampires trying to forge their way in the world. It was subtle conflict between humans and their dead counterparts, and the compassionate gestures too, that made this series great. There are flickerings of this in Season 4, with a shocked world recovering from Russel Edgington ripping off someone’s head on national TV, and many vampires desperately trying to maintain their place in the modern world. However, with witches, werepanthers, shapeshifters, vicious fairies and demon babies already making their presence known, I hope that the upcoming season makes an effort to address the core and subtle social skeleton of the drama, rather than trying to mesh an ever growing mengarie into a series that may not be able to hold them all.


3 responses to “Hit or Miss for True Blood’s Season 4?

  1. I personally, being a huge True Blood fan, Loved the first two episodes of season 4.

    You have to remember that the series are based on the books, with one or two things added or subtracted for it to work on the screen of course. But all of those mythical beings are in the books so rightly they have to be in the TV show. They can’t just take them out. Otherwise it might aswel not be based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels, This isn’t a show just about vampires, there are plenty of those around.

    With how episode 2 ended, i dont think were going to see much of that teenage squabbling over Sookie by our two main vampires.

    Here’s to episode 3.

    • You’re very true in the fact that they are based on the books….which I admit, I haven’t read. I know obviously its not just about the vampires….but the real showstopper of the series for me was the social subtley surrounding vampires and humans living alongside each other. Obviously they’ll follow the books…but perhaps the books arne’t my cup of tea either.

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