Date #4 – 52 First Dates

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

I’ve possibly just had my best date ever. I was also stupidly excited about today for no apparent reason. It was just another date right? Wrong….there was something here that I liked a lot and we hadn’t even met yet.

Mr Almost 30 messaged me around midnight Tues on Manhunt and, though I was happy to talk, I thought it was going to be a ‘in bed, horny, looking to chat’ moment and that I’d never hear from him again. We’ve talked everyday since and with each conversation leaving me with a stupid smile I’ve become more nervous and excited as the date loomed. He was upfront, honest, told me it’d be obvious on our date if he liked what he saw. He knew about my Friday date and wasn’t phased – at all. He’s my age, has a great career with a similar interest, and whilst we’d had the bedroom talk he acknowledged that if all he wanted was a brief passionate interlude he wouldn’t have suggested going out anywhere.

I was pretty hooked as soon as I saw him and was forcing myself to look at him – a telling sign that the butterflies in my stomach were there for reason. My mouth was dry, I stumbled a few words, fuck, I was nervous!! I’m not very good when I fancy someone, I avoid eye contact, I daren’t touch them, I basically act as if I’m totally the opposite to being into them which is possibly not the best body language to be putting out. My nerves subsided though after we wandered down the high street showing our mutual love for Kath and Kim, breaking into Aussie accents and saying ‘that’s nice, that’s different, that’s unusual’ to just about everything we saw.

There was too much in common in respect to morals, thoughts and feelings to explain. The click was there, for me at least and I hope, after a brief kiss, some flirtatious touching and some not so subtle hints of future bedroom escapades, that it was there for him too. He’s literally stunningly hot, made all the better by the cheeky smile and confidence. He’s not only out to his parents but also very close to his family which is a big deal maker for me. And one particular conversation on science and spiritualism really blew me away. On a cautious note there is the possibility that he could be going to Madrid for nine months, but to be honest that isnt a factor after having been on a date for just two hours. In fact, I found myself actively encouraging him…Geoff! I was telling myself to zip it but my lips weren’t listening….brilliant opportunity, you don’t want regrets, it’s only nine months, blah, blah, effing blah.

I will say however that date 4 has everything I’m looking for wrapped into a vey sexy parcel. So much so that I have worries about him discovering 52firstdates and not understanding the real agenda behind the concept….that its ultimately to find love in a city where, whilst temptation is everywhere, finding something real can be difficult.

I’ve had good first dates before. I’ve met lovely guys before. But this time around the great guy made the first date one of the best I’ve ever had. Whilst I’m not a believer in true love at first sight, I do believe that you can meet people and know the chemistry is the perfect foundation for something more. And, having already had a post date text, its true to say I’m a little excited about where this could lead.


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