Date #2 – 52 First Dates

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

There’s a reason that 52 First Dates came into being. After a fantastic date last week there was a slight inkling that, ironically, this project could end quite quickly. However, as good as a first date can be there is always tue uncertainty surrounding the future, As happens more often than not to me, things seem to have petered out a little. The promise of a second and Saturday night date was cancelled (albeit for very genuine reasons) and whilst the odd text has been exchanged since, it is not with the same intensity as before.

Tonight I went on my 2nd first date, putting first date woes out of my head and starting again with a blank canvas. 28, Mauritian, chatted through Manhunt and thought it was about time to enjoy a coffee.

Whilst there is something to be said for chatting beforehand and discovering a little about each other, I often prefer to keep it for the date itself. I can say that this chap was genuinely a lovely guy. However, whilst also hot, there was a total lack of spark and the knowledge, in my mind at least, that things wouldn’t work.

I was brought up in a Christian family yet am as unreligious as it comes. Date 2 follows the Hari Krishna faith and is a vegetarian. I grew up on a farm where we ate animals we raised. I eat eggs on a daily basis, I quoff down an unfeasable quantity of tuna and white meat every week, and the fact that I’d killed my own hens didn’t go down too well… the point where he joked his phone was ringing and that he might have to leave.

I’m the opposite to being against faith, I actually think that the dedication required to stay true to a faith can be a commendable trait. However, I am the most agnostic individual you’ll find, and whilst I’d be perfectly happy with date 2 popping off to temple every week I just don’t think the longevity is there.

So, after a very pleasant couple of teas it’s onto the next date, and week 3. I can’t be downhearted, date 2 was absolutely lovely but the search continues….


2 responses to “Date #2 – 52 First Dates

  1. Remember it’s only the second date, 50 to go! You’re a great guy, with a good head and heart. Your knight in shining armour, or Mr Darcy will come along. You might just have to hunt a little while.

    Nasty pasty you scaring him with stories of your hen murdering! 🙂

    • Lol, I know, I think the last thing a devout vegetarian and follower of Hari Krishna needs to hear is that I killed my chickens. If he heard the whole story he’d have run off screaming!!

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