Date #1 – 52 First Dates

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

Lets be truthful here, going into the possibility of a year of first dates is a daunting thing and not one to be entered lightly. So, with date one on the cards I wasn’t exactly hopeful. I was probably more pessimistic about the whole thing if I’m honest, with my mind already thinking ahead to the weeks and months in front of me.

I knew date one was hot from his Manhunt pictures. 22, Mediterranean, lean body – just my type. But online pictures can be deceiving, people don’t always look how their pictures suggest and a persons characteristics and manners can reveal a completely surprising twist to a 2D image. However, it can be safely said that date one exudes sexiness and it wasn’t very long (possibly just a few minutes) before there was a grin across my face.

As first dates go this was pretty awesome. We stuffed our faces at GBK, comfortable enough in each other’s company to giggle as sauce ran down our chins. We went to Soho Square, he showed me how to do squats, I was just about to kiss him when the park officials threw us out. We wandered the streets, playfully poking fun at a few tourists, before ending up in Ku Bar. Oh dear. How dull. But I hasten to add it was Lisle street and not the other branch which should be unspoken of due to its awfulness.

The slight wobble in complications was, here, walking into Ku Bar who should I come face to face with but my ex fuck buddy. I met K several years ago and fell hook, line and sinker. But after revealing to him earlier this year that I couldn’t hook up with any more because it did me more damage than good I hadn’t seen or heard from him. And there he was. Clear as day. Hot as ever. I’ve NEVER seen him outside of my house, let alone in Soho and so for this to happen on my first date…..argh! My heart dropped like a stone.

However, it was here that date one really came into his own, actually managing to pull my mind away from K. K and I smiled as we past each other, I explained the issue to my date, before we grabbed drinks and found a nook to hide in. We chatted, we kissed – possibly too much for the rotund drunk guy who was leering slightly at us to cope with. We had a PDA as we passed Soho Square again on the way to the tube – it was pretty awesome saucesome.

I’ve had some amazing first dates before, heart beating, chest fluttering, grin inducing first dates. Which have led to second dates, just as good as the first. Which have led to – nowhere. I’m not pretending this is my future hubby – he’s young, we talked futures and he doesn’t know what he wants at the moment, and, in my perfect world, I’d be with a guy who’s out to everyone…..including his folks. But I’m not judging, I’m trying to be as open as possible. He’s refreshingly honest, makes me smile, and got me a little hot under the collar. And for tonight at least I’m going to bed with my rose tinted glasses fully on!


5 responses to “Date #1 – 52 First Dates

  1. Awww, duckie, that’s a beautifully sweet post. First dates are meant to be all about butterflies in your stomach, being excited, and just really, really looking forward to the second one! 🙂 Keep me posted about how it goes!

    • I will! I’m excited 😀 Yay. I’m even more excited because K could have put a real downer on the evening, but my date totally pulled me back and kept me from thinking about it…I think thats a very good trait to have!

  2. Well you did it. It sounds rather good, I’m a little jealous ha. And well done Mr hot 22 year old for steering you away from K.
    I’m all excited for you! 🙂
    Now for date number two … like Marko says keep the rose tinted glasses!

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