Star Wars: The Old Republic – Cinematic Trailer

With E3 dominating the gaming scene, new details are set to start flooding into the community over the next few days. Whilst I’m jiggling in my chair with excitment over Mass Effect 3, I must not forget Star Wars: The Old Republic. Whilst ME3 will fulfil many hours of amazing gameplay, the MMORPG of SWTOR will, hopefully, continue to rock my world for months and possibly years.

On the first day of the expo, the new cinematic trailer has shown just the premise for SWTOR and what fans can expect from the chronological setting of the game’s period in history. I love the homage to Han Solo, a reference to the fact that whilst STWOR is set thousands of years before the iconic smuggler was born, players will still be able to create similar characters. The Zabrak and brief Twi’Lek appearances also look pretty stunning and offer the promise of great characterisation further than the everday human. And whilst a release date is still to be uncovered, my anticipation for this great game is steadily increasing.


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