Mass Effect 3 and KINECT

This is why I await E3 with an amount of trepidation every year. The expo of the gaming world not only prepares to blow my mind, but also my budget. And with Bioware revealing that they are to integrate KINECT into Mass Effect 3 I may be about to lose my life to a console system. I’m a PC boy through and through, and for gaming its largely because if I had a gleaming box sitting next to my flatscreen TV I literally would not move from the couch, ever.

Along with voice interaction coming to Mass Effect 3, allowing you to not only negotiate conversations by just saying Shepard’s option but also providing a seamless way to tell squadmates which powers to deploy, a release date has also been confirmed – June 3rd, 2012. Of course, I’m both bitterly disappointed and excited; it’s A YEAR away, but that also means that my favourite gaming trilogy of all time won’t be over for at least another year and two days! With a few details trickling through, including a Krogan princess who is set to reunite the warring factions on Tuchanka and stablise the genophage, I can’t wait to see what’s around Mass Effect’s mind blowing corner.

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