52 First Dates

© Bernardo Baldiviezo 2011

Well, I’m now 30. Times are a marching on and I need a husband…hence my new 52 First Dates concept. Along with the fabulous C_T_S we will endeavour to have one first date every week for the next year in a bid to find a man. There’s no ‘Bachelor’ quick fix for us, no laid on dates, no well deserving beautiful men carefully selected by a judging panel. This is an all out bid to find ‘the one’ and to stop all this blog whinging about not having a man. I want a husband. I am not desperate, I am just putting myself out there to meet lots of nice guys and see if a spark turns into a raging fire.

This concept has really been created  because finding the momentum to keep dating can be difficult. Unless you set aside time to actually go out and meet someone for coffee, or a drink, or dinner, the weeks can quickly blur by. It takes effort to find a date, to get ready, to spend an evening with your game face on….but I hope it’ll be worth it in the end. So here goes, both me and C_T_S will be blogging and tweeting about 52 First Dates with weekly updates. If we can’t find a husband after a year of 52 dates then we’re doomed, and it is to be hoped that, actually, this concept is flawed and we meet Mr Right very early on and can retire happy and coupled. We may also need your help as the week’s progress to find more dates. So if we start getting desperate, please send suitable bachelors our way!


1. A first date must be had, EVERY week.

2. A hookup is NOT a date, nor is ‘inviting a guy round for a chat with alterior motive’ otherwise this concept would just be slutty.

3. Second and Third dates are allowed, but we MUST continue First dates unless there is something really special…we’re out to find Mr Right here so I’m all for exclusivity as quickly as possible.

4. More than one date a week can be had, but this does not roll onto the following week.

5. Each date must be blogged.

17 responses to “52 First Dates

  1. I too love the idea of this challenge – I really couldn’t imagine me keeping the momentum going, though I’d love to give it a go.
    Good luck and keep blogging the results (protecting the names of the innocent of course lol!)

  2. I love this, it’s a fantastic idea. I’d never be able to commit to one new date every week, my diary would go into meltdown. Yes I’m a workaholic ha!
    Good luck to you both, I’ll be waiting for the first date to be blogged. Just don’t do the “live tweet date” that one guy did the other week.

    • That’s part of the reason why I’m doing it….I find it hard to commit to a date. This way I’ll have to! You didn’t like the live tweeting? lol. I might send a few random ones in exceptional cases ;D

  3. Fantastic – I must join in pursuit of my husband!

    Maybe hold out until I move to London though, slim pickings here; Lucky to hit a date every other month.

    Blue eyes and curly hair preferred ;D

  4. Well, having only ever had 3 dates #loser perhaps it’s about time I deviate …

    Good luck! I’m afraid I won’t be sending many your way 😦

    If all else fails, perhaps we should make a ‘fall-back Marriage contract’ a-la “Friends” ;D

    • As long as you don’t mind me impregnating a few friends that I’ve promised sperm too as their fall-back! LOL!

      I’ve not had a huge number of dates either…..not a serial dater by any means.

  5. I reckon you could ask for suggestions on Twitter for 52 different dating ideas. That really would be a challenge!

    • OMG, that would be a nightmare! Can you imagine. I am going to try and be a little inventive than constant coffee shops and bars. However, I’m kinda hoping that I won’t need to go on 52 first dates….that would just be depressing!!

  6. I came upon your blog by chance, and have loved going through it! Am also a fellow geek, and can relate to your outlook on life.

    I especially applaud your drive to go on 52 dates… That’s dedication not many have, and I truly hope you find the man you are looking for.

    Best of wishes, and you now have a new reader!

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Thanks for the comment!! It can be hard doing this concept….but I got fed up of moaning about not having a man. It’s all about meeting as many men as possible to find ‘the one’, I hope it works!

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