Grindr’s Racism Row

Anyone who reads this blog now and then will know of my predisposition towards the darker man. It’s not that I find white men unattractive, hell, all men can have be down right sexy no matter where their ethnic origins lie. It’s just that there’s a deep running vein of desire in me which likes golden skin, dark hair, and mysterious eyes. I’m not the blond, blue eyed boy lover, but it’s just as well, as we can’t all like the same type otherwise we’d all be chasing each other in circles. However,’s article Profile Prejudice struck a nerve with me. By stating on my profile that I like certain types of guys am I inadvertently causing some guys bad feelings?

It certainly got me thinking. There’s no denying that many people are simply more attracted to certain ethnic groups than others. In many ways I denounce caucasian guys pretty quickly, even if they’re of model beauty. That spark just is never there, and it’s not like I haven’t tried in the past. Obviously, I don’t say that I only like one type of man and you haven’t got a chance if you don’t fit the mould because there are exceptions. But the lines can easily become blurred if I’m saying I like Latino, Indian Asian, and Mediterranean guys and you’re a white guy thinking I’m having a pop.

Having not come across any Grindr racism before I was fairly interested to read SoSogay’s article and see viewpoints from the other side. I don’t even think I’d seen ‘White Only’ on a profile before. This was all to change a couple of days ago though when I received a message from a guy asking if I was into a particular ethnic group of guys. I responded quite honestly, HELL YES! And was then barrage to some of the most racist views that I’ve ever encountered. Englishmen apparently fuck anything that move. I was obviously not an upper class Englishman for sleeping with these people, for they were lower, dirty citizens, spreading disease. I was completely shell shocked.

Stupidly I called this guy a racist ____ and blocked him. Looking back on it I should have snapshopped the conversation and reported him to Grindr. And whilst his views would not have changed, at least I could have got a foul minded bigot removed from a networking place where I’ve actually met some of the nicest men ever.

As a gay man I find it extraordinary that other LGBT people can have such views. Whilst we continue to fight for equality we remain a minority group when compared, certainly in numbers, to heterosexuals.  And for someone in our minority group to have such a backward and racist beliefs towards other minority groups in this day and age is utterly astounding. It has made me aware though, that when writing our Manhunt, Gaydar, or Grindr profiles, it is extremely important to take care not to inadvertantly offend when racism could not be further from your mind.


3 responses to “Grindr’s Racism Row

  1. Thank you for being honest. I do however find it strange that someone could just be attracted to one race. There are so many varying physical traits in all races that makes one attractive and ugly. Myself, I’m lucky to be able to see beyond just color. Of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t SEE it, I mean its physical, how can I not? Though, that alone will not prevent me from ever getting to know the person.

    Gay people are vain. They can’t seem to distinguish a genuine friendship to a quick fuck buddy. I’ve had my fair share of racism from these type of Gay men. And let me tell you. Its abundant. These same gay men also crusade for equal rights, yet discriminate against those in their own community.

    I admit, we are sheep. We can easily be seduced and hypnotized into what is beauty. Right now that image is your typical “Tone muscled white male” Anything else outside of that is sub-par and not attractive. Those who are attracted to another race besides that must have been exposed to that race more often.

    Also, Pornography has a big hook in the gay community. Minorities are put into sexual fetishes which is down right disgusting and degrading. People get off on it, so I can’t say much more. The issue is so deeply rooted — It would probably never be understood.

    For you, why are you interested in black men? Please be honest. I hope it isnt to fulfill that mandingo fantasy that porn has capitalized on so much. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    Incase you are wondering. I’m black.

    • Hey Sketcheddreams,

      To be honest with you I have no idea why I have no interest in white men, yet black guys, Mediterranean looks, latino and Indian Asian get me going. It’s not that I can’t see a white man to be beautiful – I totally can. But it goes no further for me, that sexual spark is not there. I was brought up in a very white community, and until I moved to London I really hadn’t ever seen other races…but I had always fantasised. Who knows? I don’t even see these groups as minorities….in my eyes they’re just people with beautiful colour and to be honest, black and white, or brown and white, goes together a hell of a lot better than white, white, white!

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