Cougar Town: The Most Underrated Sitcom on TV

Ok, so even Cougar Town’s producer has admitted that it is probably one of the worst named sitcoms of all time. Despite a brief spell of episodes in the first season where Jules dabbled with dating one younger man, the only cougar in this show is Barbara, an innuendo driven character who crops up less than once per show.

Ultimately Cougar Town, in it’s entirety, is centered around drinking red wine. With Big Carl (Jules’ oversized vase of a wine glass) featuring in many episodes, it seems like most of the action takes place with the groups favourite tipple in their hands. And of course, I’m all for any sitcom promoting the consumption of large quantities of the stuff.

The Ensemble Love Nothing More than to Embarrass Travis When Bringing His Girlfriend Around

Of course, there are other stories too. Jules’ blooming relationship with her neighbour Grayson, the hateful affection between Jules’ two best friends Ellie and Laurie, Jules’ complete mothering of her teenage son Travis, and of course the ex husband Bobby who is as lovable a buffoon as you’ll ever see typecast. The clicky group of frenemies make the brief twenty minute comedy whir by with hysterical ease, and much like the ‘Friends’ characters became loved members of many family nights, Jules and her entourage fast become fully fledged friends, all with their own caricatures. There’s guest appearances from familiar faces too, with both Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow supporting their fellow castmate Courtney Cox in her TV endeavours.

Some Familiar Friends Pop Up

But what Cougar Town manages to do excellently is provide comical genius without making absurd situations to fuel the laughter. A light hearted bitching goes on between most of the characters; a banter which will be familiar to most groups of friends. And without the comedy pushing the boundaries too far, the touching moments allow for my appreciation of this fleshed out ensemble to gain even more.

I’m not one to buy DVD boxsets very often, especially comedy’s, which often fail to amuse after you’ve seen them once or twice. But with witty writing, loveable characters, and 20 minutes of red win showcasing, there’s nothing not to love in Courtney’s latest triumph.


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