Why a Holiday Romance is a Dating 101

Most people have had that holiday romance right? You’re 18/19, going off with your friends on holiday for the first time. There’s going to be sun, surf, and most importantly, MEN. You meet someone, you fall head over heels for them and whether it’s two weeks or the entire summer season, when your trip finally comes to an end you’re utterly devastated.

A Holiday Romance is a Vital Emotional Requirement ©URAQT_hott (Flickr)

This is how I imagine it to be because, shock horror, I’ve never actually had one. I had a summer of extreme heat and passion with a latino once, but you could hardly call it a romance. Perhaps this is why, when it comes to dating, I feel completely out of my depth. A holiday romance is like learning to cycle; you get to have a go with training wheels first. There’s a definitive end, your romance has no time to fall foul to arguments and fights, and whilst you leave broken hearted, you also leave after having a valuable and much needed dating class. In those few weeks you get the rollercoaster of meeting, dating, shagging, and then, inevitably breaking up. Oh, you may be determined to stay in contact and make it work, but back in the real world it’s never going to happen. And with your dating 101 over you have the confidence to go into dating properly, with some previous experience as to what you should expect.

It seems that Mr S.A was my holiday romance, at a grand old age of 29! I may not have met him on the beach of some gorgeous and foreign sunny shore, (it was in fact the romantic of places – Gaydar!) but here, in grey, wintry London, the festive season found some cheer. However, like all holiday romances, our six weeks had a deadline. The visa expiry date loomed on the horizon, and whilst we had some teething problems….more because of my over-thinking mind than anything else, my smoggy London romance was definitely swept along in a whirlwind.

Now, having been left adrift on my own again, perhaps my quick step dating guide will have given me the tools to find that man this year. It has shown me that, whilst my hermiting is never likely to dissipate, I can actually stand to be in the same room as guy for at least 24 hours. It’s shown me that actually, even if I don’t want to go out, I’ll probably have a good time if I get off my lazy arse and get some sparkle. It’s shown me that my list of rigid requirements for the perfect man needs to be a little more flexible if I’m ever to find love. And it’s made me realise that, whilst the holiday romance is often devastatingly awful at it’s conclusion, it’s a vital whistle stop tour of emotion to help ground your heart and head for the future.


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