The Year of Men

Tomorrow it’s 2011. Another year has rushed by in flamboyant colour, filling life with a positively mad rush of rollercoaster excitement. It’s been a good year, and I’ve actually managed to meet some of the goals that I made this time last year. I failed in my running as I only ran one half marathon, but I did get a personal best so even in failure there’s a silver lining. My novel is still incomplete, lying unwritten in the depths of my computer files, its characters stuck in time waiting for their paths to unravel. However, I have packed on a load of bulk and muscle (long may it continue), and I have continued to build The Guide to Gay Gardening, so meeting half of the targets is still pretty good. Meanwhile, I’ve taken my writing career to new heights with an entire portfolio of additional clients, and I’ve even managed to score a presenting spot on a new TV show in 2011. All in all, 2010 has been pretty damn fine.

In 2010 I got an iPhone. In 2011 I want one of these

Each year I normally spend New Years Eve with my friend Xenia, where we get off our rockers at my place, dance around the living room, and generally act like silly buggers. We don’t set exacting resolutions, we just set a new yearly theme. It work’s pretty well as there are no goals to fail, just a subtle direction of where the year should take us. Unfortunately 2010 was the year of spontaneity, something I’m not very good with, and I can say that I pretty much failed. But with the evening soon upon us I’m sure 2011’s title will spring to mind! However, as I approach my 30’s and most of my friends now have significant others I’m fairly sure I’m going to continue the dating drama and make 2011 the Year of Men. There a number of exciting things this year – the debut of my new show, my 30th, the arrival of several babies, a huge wedding to attend – and it would be nice to share it with at least one beautiful boy, if not several. Whilst I’m not going to be throwing myself at every man who moves, it would make my year to finally find love for the first time. I like my men like my tea – dark, strong, and tasty – and to find someone who fits my checklist would be an added excitement for a year thats set to be the most interesting one yet!


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