Mass Effect 3

I’m a gaming geek. When it comes to science fiction I can happily disappear into a virtual world for days, no, weeks. I’m quite happy surrounded by a fictitious world of aliens, blood lust, and futuristic technology. Mass Effect is possibly one of the most incredible science fiction genre games available, with a huge emphasis on roleplay, graphics to die for, and fast incredible combat. You can play hero Commander Shephard as he ships, or customise him to male or female. You can have relationships with members of your crew. You can explore worlds of exotic galaxy species, and have killing sprees with amazing intensity. One important point is the draw through of vital decision consequences from ME1 to ME2 to Me3. If you kill Wrex in ME1, he won’t appear in subsequent episodes. If you choose to seduce Liara, then when you see her again in later titles she’ll still be romantically involved with you…unless you’ve cheated on her that is.

Amazingly written, this series truly draws you in, and earlier this year when ME2 shipped I was immersed into this new world for weeks. Seeing your PA Kelly scream and get dragged away by collectors makes your stomach drop, whilst watching Tali’s trial by her flotilla causes hope to surge. And when it comes to combat, your heart is in your head when trying to kill the various horrifying creatures coming at you. And now, with the final part of the trilogy set for Christmas 2011, and with the devastation coming to London’s doorstep, this trailer may have made me wee a little in excitement!


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